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Dental Cleaning & Periodontal Therapy (Deep Cleaning)

  • Gentle and Professional Teeth Cleaning and Hygiene Care

  • Routine and Periodontal cleanings at a time
    convenient for you.  

Digital X-rays


  • We have state of the art digital radiology to help detect problems when they are small and allows us to fully evaluate you dental status.

Dental & Periodontal Evaluations


  • Dental and Periodontal evaluations are performed to make you aware of your oral health status.
  • Regular measuring of Periodontal pockets are performed to assess in determining Periodontal Health.
  • Checking for Healthy gums, Gingivitis (gum infection) or Periodontal Disease (gum disease).

Oral Cancer Screenings

  • We perform Oral Cancer Screenings at each and every visit.  Suspicious lesions are referred to a specialist.

Children's Dental Care

  • It is recommended to have your child's 1st dental visit by age 1 or around the time the first tooth erupts.

  • We love children and strive to provide a comfortable, fun environment for chilren without any restraints.

  • All ages welcome!!

Dental Sealants

  • Sealants are placed on permanent molars after eruption to help prevent dental decay or cavities.  No anesthesia or drilling required for this procedure.

Interim Dental Restorations

Interim Dental Restorations are a temporary restoration or filling placed on teeth to prevent the progression of caries until further permanent treatment can be acquired.  For more information contact us.

Affordable Teeth Whitening

  • After a dental evaluation and cleaning we can take personalized impressions of your teeth to fit you for custom whitening trays and send you home with an at home teeth whitening kit.

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